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Marathon Training Plan

Run With No Pain Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield is a fitness expert with experience in almost all areas of sport. He earned his Master's Degree in Sports Science and Exercise Physiology, and certifications in sports nutrition, personal training, strength and conditioning, and even in bicycle fitting.

He has years of experience coaching everything from beginning athletes to runners working on a marathon training plan.  

With all his expertise, the one area of fitness that he found himself most frustrated by was his own lower back pain, which was the result of an injury he suffered while moving a heavy couch.

After years of suffering, he decided to devote himself into figuring out exactly how the injury was impacting his life; he documented when it hurt the most, and what made it feel better, then did hours of research into the science of anatomical misalignment.

After reading hundreds of pages on the topic, he boiled down the information to its key components, devised an exercise program, and tested it on himself.

After finding dramatic relief, he then offered the regiment to the athletes he was coaching and found that the program not only helped their pain, but also improved their performance. He shot videos of the exercises, wrote the entire program up into an easy to follow set of instructions, and named his book the Run With No Pain program.

Run With No Pain Ebook

The information that is provided in the Run With No Pain Ebook is truly comprehensive;  it starts out with a thorough discussion of the mechanics behind what causes lower back pain in the pain in the first place. Then it presents the crucial information about what to do about it, providing exercises and stretches that eliminate the pain and strengthen the involved muscles.

Finally, it provides what may be the most important piece of information; what to do to make sure that you never have to go through that kind of pain again.

The most amazing thing that people who have gone through the program say is that it not only eliminated their pain, but it also improved their overall running technique. People say they enjoy their runs more having gone through the program, and they are faster, and stronger.

Run With No Pain Video

In order to make sure that as many people as possible benefit from his program, Ben Greenfield offers the Run With No Pain program for just seventeen dollars, a remarkable price when you consider that in addition to the book itself, it includes thirty videos to help make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly.

The program comes with a money back guarantee, and promises that not only will your runs become pain free, but your entire running technique will improve dramatically with the arrival of proper alignment that the program creates.

Run With No Pain Reviews

Many runners head out each day anticipating pain. For some, it is the pain from their knees, their ankles, their ITB band, But for those who struggle with lower back pain, the pain never seems to go away. Sometimes it originates from an isolated event - maybe they try to dig a tree out of the ground, or to pick up something heavy, or maybe they have a fall.  For others it starts slowly and just makes itself a part of their everyday life, a constant dull ache that often gets worse but never really gets better.

For Ben Greenfield, it happened when he tried to move a couch, and life was never the same. At least not until he decided that he'd had enough, both for himself and for the elite athletes that he coached. He set about investigating all of the causes and cures for low back pain, then created an exercise regimen for himself. When it worked, he not only shared it with his athletes, but he put it into a book called Run With no Pain, and made it available for runners and athletes everywhere. Continued below....


Run With No Pain Book Cover