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Marathon Training Plan

Best Marathons In The USA

If you could only
ever do 3 marathons in your lifetime then without a doubt the three best marathons on your bucket list should be the; New York Marathon, Chicago Marathon and of course, the Boston Marathon.

The top of the list is the New York Marathon. People from all over the World travel to New York for this event in early November. In fact, this race is known to have the largest runner diversity of any marathon, which adds to the appeal and hype surrounding the NYC marathon. The crowds are absolutely huge and the atmosphere is like running in a party. The New York Marathon is an event that every runner should experience, full stop.

biggest, and some would say the best, marathon in the US is the Chicago Marathon. It's on the World Marathon Majors list and attracts the largest amount of runners of any marathon in the World, making it a must-do for any marathoner.

The Boston Marathon is the pinnacle of marathon excellence as well as the World's oldest and most well-known marathon. This race belongs at the top of any runners list, however most runners will never get to do it because of the strict qualification times required to enter the race. The qualification times change every year and are set at each age level. Check the Boston Marathon website for more info. If you are serious about qualifying for Boston, you'd best get yourself a professional marathon training plan.

Best Marathons For Beginners

If you're doing your first marathon it's
best to choose a flat course with huge crowds for motivation and excellent organisation to make it as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. The best marathons for this are the Flora London Marathon and the Paris Marathon.

Best Marathons For First Timers

Both The
London and Pairs marathons have huge fields and large crowds which you'll definitely need at the end of your first marathon! Both of these races are extremely well organized and make use of the electronic timing chips to give you your race time breakdown.

If you're training for a half marathon don't forget to get yourself a decent half marathon training schedule!

Best Marathons To Qualify For Boston

Of all of the best marathons in the World, the
best marathon to qualify for Boston would undoubtedly be the Berlin Marathon. Also, because the Berlin Marathon is one of the World Marathon Majors, you'll be killing two birds with one stone by ticking this race off your list.

The course is record-breakingly fast and the climate is comfortable, but this race offers even more than that. The race is run through the historical city around all of the most impressive sites and architecture with a very enthusiastic crowd.

Best Marathons

Best Marathons In The World

This short article is all about the
World's Best Marathons! Lot's of runners love these lists to use as a sort of life time goal or tick box list.

Each race has it's own pros and cons depending on what your goal is. For some people it's finding the best marathons to qualify for Boston, for others it might be finding the best marathons for first timers. If you're looking to put together your own personal marathon list you'd be well advised to start with the Five World Marathon Majors, which are;

Boston Marathon (mid-April)
London Marathon (late April)
Berlin Marathon (late September)
Chicago Marathon (early October)
New York City Marathon (early November)

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